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D’Modern Beauty Facial Spa & Beauty Salon Laguna Niguel Microblading, Facials, Lash Extensions

D’Modern Beauty Laguna Niguel Eyebrow Microblading, Lash, Skin StudioWelcome to D’Modern Beauty Laguna Niguel Facial Spa & Beauty Salon. We have been an established beauty services destination since 2016 that started in Ocean Ranch, Dana Point, California. We offer a variety of beauty treatments to save you time and help look your best! Our mission is serving modern day women with the most innovative beauty treatments including Laguna Niguel Eyebrow Microblading, Facials, Advanced Facial TreatmentsLash ExtensionsEyebrow Waxing, and more.

We carefully curated treatments using the latest technology and the highest quality products available today.

Our studio is private and personalized so you can relax and recharge.

We believe that,

“We can’t stop aging, but we can slow it down”

We look forward to pampering you.

Meet the Founder and her journey to inner beauty Indira Calkins

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Text  or Call: (949) 629-4720

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Microblading Laguna Niguel Facial Spa & Beauty Salon

D’Modern Beauty Founder — Indira Calkins

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Indira Calkins DMB Founder Awards

When you come visit me here at D’Modern Beauty Studio in Laguna Niguel, you are seeing an expert, you are not just seeing another ordinary inexperienced Esthetician. I take pride and love what I do, and you will see and feel the difference.

LUXLife Awards D’Modern Beauty Best Beauty Clinic & Day Spa in Los Angeles

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🇵🇭Founder: Indira Calkins

🏆 Award-winning beauty studio
💆‍♀️11 years in Aesthetics

70 and FABULOUS! 🥳Yes! my lovely client is turning 70 this september with a skin of 35 year old. 😍With my lovely client, she is very descipline. So deserves her youth 😍She 's been coming monthly to get her treatments to prepare for her big day 🎈No botox, No fillers, no surgery ❌💉yes darling it's possible.Genetics plays a role and sun protectionbut never underestimate the power of Professional helpto slow down aging, improve texture and for collagen productionProfessional treatment is the way to go.It will be your best investment ever. ✨#skincare #proaging #beauty #facials #skincare #lagunaniguel #foreveryoung
There are some people on this world who are just precious. 👼My beautiful friend and now my client surprised me with a delicious sweet treats. No occasionMy favorite cake Nothing Bundt 😍I feel so blessed 🥰 and super happy.thank you gorgoeus friend eva#spring #cake #sweettooth
Happy Saturday Everyone!!!I miss you all.Sorry if I was offline the past weeks this month is crazy busy for me.I mean every month is busy right? 😅But this month is something else. Both personal and business are busy.And as a business owner, the last thing in my head is to upload on my social media 😂I mean, I do have an assitan that responds to my socials but as far as uploading content is all ME!it's more genuine that way.Well here's a little reminder to us all women.We pour our hearts and soul for our family, work and communitythat we forget to take care of ourlselves a lot of times.Then it's all too late... .Don't forget thiscoz in the end you will only have your health and yourself.Sending love hugs 🌸🤗#selflove
Happy Spring Beautiful People 🌸New weather, bright colors and the sun is outNew atmosphere gives us a chance for a fresh start.I used to hate colors before,I would stick to neutral colors, but recently I realize how colors makes us more happier and more brighter.The sun is out and busy in the studio as our clients are getting prepapred for summer and thier planned trips.✈️Life is busy and hectic sometimes crazy that I always have to remind myselfto take life one step a time... . 🐾So for this spring I will face the world with an open heart, big smile and open to new possibilities! 💕
Happy Easter Sunday Everyone ✨Sorry for not being consistent posting, I have been so busy with work and had some personal struggles the past few weeks.Lately, I have encountered a lot of stressful situationssometimes it affects my work life.But no matter how stressful my personal life gets,Everytime I walk inside (my studio) it always reminds me of how far I've come and how much I have grown.I am also reminded how blessed I am to have clients that truly care about me. They have become part of family and my circle.This time, I reconnected with a good friend of mine that I have lost touch for a decade.She brought me this beaautiful easter flowers that brought me so much joy.My point is,Though life test you there's always a good lesson in the end. 💕

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Give the Gift of Beauty with the D’Modern Beauty Aesthetics Gift Cards, they are great for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays, or just because they are special. Use the gift card for Eyebrow Microblading, Microshading, Lash Extensions, Facial Treatments, and more that can be used at D’Modern Laguna Niguel Beauty Studio. Gift cards can be purchased online for any dollar amount and they never expire, they make great last minute gift.

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