Indira is Awesome. She is a Perfectionist & Professional

My eyebrows were always a bit problematic for me. They were only full up to the middle and were kind of non existent towards the ends.This was my first time getting my eyebrows microbladed and I was very excited.

Indira greeted me for my appointment and her vibrant and happy vibes took away any hesitation I had about the procedure.
Her work area was very spotless. Very bright and clean area without looking too stark. Cool puffs of air came out of the humidifier nearby and soft, calming music played to add to the ambiance.

She sat me down and listened to my eyebrow woes and closely examined them. She expertly worked out a shape literally out of nothing, using very precise measuring tools. She went over them several times to ensure I was happy with them.

I wanted a fuller looking, yet still natural looking brows with a slight arch.

Then came the numbing cream to help with any pain and discomfort. While that was being absorbed into my skin, she comprehensively went over the procedure, and had me do the paperwork.
Approximately 20 minutes later, we started. I could feel the tiny individual incisions she was making but the pain was mild and manageable. She inferred that I may have thicker skin which, possibly taking the numbing cream a bit longer to take effect. She’d be happy to give you more time to let the cream absorb if that is your case. She spoke to me throughout the procedure, about life, my brows and occasionally asking if I was still comfortable. Very nurturing and kind. She’d have me sit up every once in a while to see that my eyebrows were straight and even.
In about 45 mins or so, we were done. My eyebrows were sore and burned a little but the results were fantastic. I couldn’t be happier.

She equipped me with strict rules for their aftercare. It’s been a week and the brows are now settling down and are not as dark as they were upon leaving. They look natural and waking up with full brows has been amazing!

Indira is awesome. She is a perfectionist and a professional through and through. Her passion for beauty was palpable and it makes you feel like you’re in good hands. She takes her time with everything and doesn’t make you feel like she’s rushing through. The care she provides is priceless.
10/10, 5 stars