This Young Lady Definitely Knows Her Stuff

Prime location, knowledgeable, talented and professional owner, competitive prices, quality products and amazing service. What more do you look for in a business?

I’m Asian and have not been gifted with full eyebrows. My eyebrows have been tattooed since I was 17 and I get them touched up once every 3-4 years. In the interim, I fill them to my hearts content.

When D’Modern Beauty of Dana Point started offering permanent make up, I knew immediately that I wanted her to do my brows. You should always trust a barber with a good hair cut right? Have you seen Indira’s brows? I wanted my brows to be exactly like hers… guess what, she did not disappoint at all.

I initially wanted powder brows but at the same time have been eyeing microblading for a long time. Indira offered to start with microblading and if I don’t love it, we can go into microshading. This young lady definitely knows her stuff.

Her space is very cozy and clean. Everything is so neatly tucked in its respective corner which makes you feel even more comfortable coming to her for services. The personal touch this business establishment has to offer makes it standout above the rest and Indira is the sweetest of all. Can’t wait to come in for my facial which Indira is even more known for!