Please Read Microblading Information Below Before Booking

D’Modern Beauty requires a $100 deposit for all Microblading Eyebrows / Microshading procedures. All deposits are non-refundable and will be deducted from the final cost of your procedure.  Please Pay Deposit Below before booking your service.
Text / Call D’Modern Beauty  @ (949) 629-4720 to Learn More.

All Microblading Treatments are a Minimum of 2 Hours or More

We Require A 72 Hour Cancellation For Microblading / Microshading Services

Microblading Eyebrows


For clients who have no eyebrows and have not had any permanent makeup on the browns done in the past we recommend “Microshading Brows” click the link to learn more about this service.

What is Microblading

Eyebrows Microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where ink is deposited superficially in the upper region of the dermis (skin) a handheld tool called microblade.

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure where an artist creates individual hair strokes to mimic the client’s natural hair color, texture and growth pattern.

History of  Microblading

It is thought that Microblading first rose to prominence about 25 years ago in Northern China.

This technique has been around for many years, before it’s popularity hit in United States.

MICROBLADING has gone by many names: micro stroking, feathering, hair stroking… and the list gose on.

Microblading Level I
– $599

For Clients with Medium to Full Brow Hairs

Microblading Level II
– $649

For Clients Who Have Very Thin Brows

Microblading Level III
– $699

For Clients Who Have No Hair at All.

New Brows Will Be Shaped, Designed and Created From Scratch.

Please Note, It Might Take Few Touchup’s / Color Boost Sessions to Get Desired Look.

Microblading Cover-Up
– $799

For Clients Who Had Microblading Done by Other Artists.

Brows Should Be At Least 80% Faded or More.

How Microblading Works

First: Microblading Consultation

This is the moment where the client’s show us what her ideal brows will look like. Communication from our client is very important to so we want to hear your brow wishlist, shape and lifestyle contributes to the brow design.

We need our client’s shape approval before we can start the procedure.

Microblading Eyebrows Near Me
Best Microblading Eyebrows Near Me Los Angeles

Second: Pre-Draw the Brows

Please note that the client is involved in the whole process, the client has the ability to change or add on during the shaping process.

Third: Numbing The Brows

NOTE: We numb our clients throughout the microblading process, to ensure less to no pain. There will be a slight discomfort for the first pass, but we numb our clients oh well!

Beauty is Pain

microblading numbing process
performing the eyebrow microblading procedure

Fourth: Perform Microblading Procedure

We add your brows one stroke at a time…

Fifth: The Reveal

Voila! It’s that easy! you open your eyes with beautiful brows!

Aftercare Instructions are provided after the procedure.

the eyebrow microblading reveal

D’Modern Beauty requires a $100 deposit for all microblading / microshading procedures. All deposits are non-refundable and will be deducted from the final cost of your procedure.

All Cancellations Require A 72-hour in advance notice or you forfeit your $100 deposit NO EXCEPTIONS.

We hope that you understand that your microblading / microshading artist reserved a minimum of 3 hours for your appointment and rescheduling affects not only your microblading / microshading artist but other clients as well.

Remembering your appointment time with your microblading / microshading artist is your responsibility.

Without a 72-hour cancellation notice you will forfeit your $100 deposit and we will charge you an additional $50 rebooking fee.
Thank you for understanding, there are no refunds after your first session microblading / microshading is completed. Please make sure you are 100% satisfied before we apply aftercare ointment.

Our Clients Say It Best

Microblading Eyebrows Before & Afters

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