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Indira Calkins

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An artist and a perfectionist at heart, my journey to skincare, health and beauty started when I was only 13 when my skin flared up with teenage acne. I suffered with acne from a teen until this day.

I grew up under a dermatologists care, prescription medications, painful extractions, expensive doctor’s visits and expensive skin care that made my skin dry, itchy and painful. Those were some one of the saddest days of my life.

My journey to beauty and skincare began at the age of 7 years old, when my teachers and my mom found that I had a talent in singing. Ever since then, my life changed to a different path. I started singing at the age of 10 years old, school events, parties, weddings, festivals, TV shows, joining singing and beauty contest. It was a challenge to be a part of the beauty obsessed, entertainment industry especially when you suffer from acne.

Indira Master Esthetician Laguna Niguel Dana Point

My parents were desperate to find a solution to help clear up my skin, we’ve done it all and tried them all. But nothing worked! So I had no choice to but to live with this problem and worked with the skin that I have. Eventually, I became my own doctor doing my own research and taking care of my skin at such a young age.

Being in the spotlight skin care became a habit, a routine and then as I got older became part of my life and turned into passion.

I was blessed year 2008 to meet the love of my life and gave me the opportunity to start a new life in the United States with my husband. While it was a challenge to be in a new country, new environment with no friends and family, beauty became my obsession. Due to my skin problems, makeup became my best friend to cover up and hide my flaws. I started exploring beauty, makeup and skincare. I have poured my sadness boredom and home sickness to beauty as an escape, an outlet to my homesickness. A year later of being a happy housewife, I realized that there is more out there  destined for me, so I decided to go back to college and finish my studies.

While in the brink of giving up and stress from school my Angel my (Aunt Terry) who I love dearly gave me advice for me to pursue my passion for beauty. Back then I never knew that one could have a career in beauty. So I decided to take a leap of faith, took the risk and went to a Professional Make-Up school in Hollywood. That is where I learned how important to have a flawless, healthy skin as it is the first step to having a flawless makeup! Flawless skin= less to no makeup! That’s where my “AhA” moment and got my second signal.

After months of  hard work and studying at the make-up school in Hollywood Los Angeles. I finally graduated at Joe Blasco Hollywood with Special Effects and Advance Prosthetics. I was fortunate to be working and mentored with some of the best celebrity makeup artist in Hollywood. But something was still missing, my hunger for skincare.  So this time I followed my heart this time and I decided to pursue my passion in the Skin Care Industry, where I graduated at the best Skin Academy in the United States, “Paul Mitchell The Skin Academy”

Within two weeks of getting my license in Aesthetics, I was fortunate to work at one of the busiest Medical Spa’s in OC where I was trained by Doctors, Paramedical Estheticians and one of the most skilled and talented Master Esthetician who trained other Estheticians in Pelican Hill, Montage, Burke Williams to name a few. She mentored me and put me through a serious boot camp to learn what I needed to learn and become one of  the best.

There I learned medical style of Aesthetics. Followed by working at one of the best luxury spa’s in California “Spa Gregories” where there I learned the powerful side of  luxury spa experience, healing touch, aromatherapy, relaxation, ambiance and top notch quality service. As I got older I learned that Skin Care, Self Care and Health are in one category.

I am constantly taking advance classes to be up to date with the latest beauty treatment. My goal was to be good at everything and oh boy! I kid you not that was a very ambitious dream of mine, but with faith and hard work I was able to achieve that goal. It took years of endless hard work, but yes I can do it all, Facial Treatments, Solving Skin Problems, Advance Chemical Peels, Lash Extensions, Facial Machine Operation, Face and Body Waxing, Eyebrow Shaping now to Permanent Cosmetics.

I was very blessed to have met so many good people in the industry over the years who have mentored me to learn the best knowledge and skills today. So when I had a chance to be the Esthetician of Planet Beauty Dana Point it was a great opportunity to finally share my expertise to my clients. I was ready!

Years of hard work, internships, advance trainings, research and my own experience I am so excited to be sharing all this to my lovely clients.

When you come visit here at D’Modern Beauty Aesthetics you are seeing an expert, you are not just seeing an ordinary inexperienced Esthetician. I take pride and love what I do and you will see and feel the difference.

This is my life, my passion, taking care of “Modern Women” where we work hard, take care of the kids, family, home life to business, making you look good not just on the outside but especially on the inside is my honor and top priority.

I believe that I have found my calling in life and thankful to those who have supported me in this journey from day one. I would not have it any other way. I am looking forward to meeting you all and getting to know you. And together let’s age gracefully and happily.

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