Microshading Eyebrows

Microblading + Powder Shading

What is Shading?

Microshading Eyebrows shading is a brow technique where the artist uses a manual tool or a digital machine by adding pigment into the eyebrows. The artist implants the pigment shading technique on the top layers of the skin, which gives it a very light and powdery look.

Just like MICROBLADING, the artist implants pigment into the epidermis of the skin, giving it the most natural look, however it fades faster than the traditional brow tattoo, which is a good thing as most clients don’t want anything too permanent.

Touch-ups or Color Boost is advised if clients want to keep the brows looking fresh.

We advised clients to get touch ups, yearly up to 18 months. With proper care, brows will last longer.

Microblading + Powder Shading – is a combination technique of Microblading and Shading (machine).

This is the perfect solution for clients who have (Very Little to None Existent Eyebrows and Clients who have previously had Microblading or Permanent Makeup done in the past.

This technique gives the illusion of 3D hair-strokes but also combines with machine shading giving the brows an illusion of fuller brows that also covers old brows tattoo.

Please Note: that the previous permanent makeup done in the past must be 80% Faded or More.

Beyond 8 Weeks requires Beautifying Touch-up or Perfecting Touch-up

Microshading Level I
– $799

For Clients Who Have Thin-Medium Eyebrows

Combination Technique Designed By Indira Herself Microblading Strokes + Shading Using Digital Permanent Make-Up Machine, Natural Looking, Gives More Definition That Last Longer Than Microblading.

Microshading Level II
– $899

For Clients Who Have Very Little to No Eyebrows. A New Brows Will Be Shaped, Designed and Created from Scratch By Indira Herself.

Please Note, It Might Take 2-3 Touchup (Color Boost) Sessions to Get Desired Look

Microshading Level III
– $995

For Clients Who Had Permanent Makeup Done in The Past, Brows Must Be 50% Faded or More.

We Do Not Offer Microblading And Shading Touchups Done by Other Artists.

Touch-Ups are not included with Microblading & Microshading Services.

Text / Call D’Modern Beauty at (949) 629-4720 to Learn More.

We Require A 72 Hour Cancellation For Microblading / Microshading Services

How Microshading Works

First: Microshading Consultation

This includes color selection and any questions or concerns a client may have.

Microshading Consultation
Microshading Measurement and Numbing

Second: Microshading Measurement and Numbing

The artist and the client decide together the right brow shape. The client is involved in the whole process.

Third: Microblading

We add Microblading 3D hair strokes, that mimics and looks like real hair, one stroke at a time.

microblading eyebrows
microshading eyebrows procedure

Fourth: Shading

Once the client is happy with the Microblading strokes, we then go ahead with Shading technique. Using a digital machine, shading the brows add more thickness and more dimension. Looks feathery but at the same time looks beautiful and natural.

Fifth: The Reveal

Voila! It’s that easy! you open your eyes with beautiful brows!

Wouldn’t it be a dream to wakeup every morning with beautiful perfect brows?

Aftercare Instructions are provided after the procedure.

microshading eyebrows reveal


To clients that have little to non-existent brows or clients that have old brows tattoo, it may take more than two sessions to get the desired results. Old Brows Tattoo should be at least 50-80% faded to be able to do this service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • To keep things simple Powder and Ombre brows are perfect for women who likes to put on moderate makeup and wants that defined look.
  • If you want your brows to look more natural Microblading is the best option for you.
  • If you don’t have any brows or barely any Microshading is an amazing option which gives you hairlike strokes and powder shading for that natural look. You get best of both worlds the hairlike strokes and powder shading.
  • Microblading, Microshading, Powder and Ombre last on average 1-2 years with proper care, i.e., applying sunscreen (sun fades tattoo), not applying acids on the brows. etc.
  • Microblading fades a little faster since it uses a manual tool not machine. Also, genetics, proper care and lifestyle plays a huge role in how long your brow tattoo lasts.
  • We have Microblading clients over the years and their Microblading brows still look fresh and beautiful.
  • Following aftercare is vital to keep your new investment (Your new brows) around for a long time.
  • We understand. We got you! Tattoo on the brows sounds scary, but when you go to the right place and let the Professionals handle the rest. That’s where we come in.
  • We are a highly experienced artists who have worked with all types of brows, in all ethnicities with different brow scenarios we are here to help you.
  • Whatever is your concern we can help you.
  • One thing that we learned with BROW concerns over the years, is it makes you more beautiful, frames your face and most importantly saves you time.
  • I mean who has 5 minutes to draw brows in the morning anyway?
  • There is a mild discomfort as it is tattoo on the face, but we numb our clients before the procedure and during to ensure there is minimal pain.
  • ASSYMETRY is one of the biggest concerns and obsessions.
  • The truth is when we are born our face is not 100% symmetrical. If our face was to be symmetrical then we would all look weird. No one is born perfect.

permanent powder ombre brows laguna niguel

  • Since we were born, our face is not symmetrical to begin with, and as we grow into childhood and adulthood, we move our forehead and facial muscles by laughing, squinting and frowning not to mention gravity pulling our skin which affects our facial and brows even more asymmetrical.
  • Aside from aging, facial movements, GRAVITY our skin and frequent use of Botox/Fillers can also affect the facial symmetry.
  • With BROW permanent makeup we highly curate the brow shape that suits best for our client’s face.
  • The artist and the client work together to get that best brow shape and color for you.

Microshading Eyebrows 1

These women are some of the most beautiful in the world yet, there brows are also naturally full and lush. But if you look closely their brows are not 100% symmetrical.

Before Booking Please Read Our Terms and Conditions



All Cancellations Require A 72-hour in advance notice.

We hope that you understand that your microblading / microshading artist reserved a minimum of 3 hours for your appointment and rescheduling affects not only your microblading / microshading artist but other clients as well.

Remembering your appointment time with your microblading / microshading artist is your responsibility.

Thank you for understanding

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