Microblading / Microshading Booking Rules

Prior To Booking Please Read the Following

Booking a permanent makeup is a very serious decision therefore needs to be taken with extra precaution. Please read all the information before booking an appointment.

Please also make sure to check if you are a perfect candidate before booking this appointment. Read the contraindications, what to expect and aftercare of Microrblading or Microshading if you are a fit for this procedure.

Contraindication needs to be taken seriously. Please remember this is your face, and your investment, your health is on the line here.

If you are not the perfect candidate please do not book this service or you will be charged.

Please arrive 10 or 15 minutes before your appointment. Please remember if you are late, this can affect your service time.

Please remember that we reserve and block at least 3 hours of our time to book you this treatment.

We have clients all day that we take care of.


If you have had microblading, eyebrows tattooed, or permanent makeup done in the past it must to be 80% faded in order for us to do your brows.

Please remember that Microblading or Microshading is a multi-process, for clients who tend to bleed more than ordinary might need a few touch-up sessions to accomplish your desired look.

Touch-ups are like Injectables, in order to keep the best results maintenance is necessary.

If you are not sure if you are a perfect candidate please send us a photo of your bare brows with no makeup, by email to: info@dmodernbeauty.com please put your requested service, full name, cell phone number and we will get back to you within 24 hrs., you can also book a free virtual Consultation.

Any Questions, Call or Text us @ (949) 629-4720


Microblading Touch-up – $150 – must be booked 4-6 weeks after your first appointment, No later than that.

Failure to book later than 6 weeks is an extra charge.

Microshading Perfecting Color Boost – $249 – For Clients Who Wants to Add More Strokes and Shading Within 3 Months from The Touchup or Color Boost Initial Date.

Please read our Touch-up section to read full information and price listing.

Failure of missing your Microblading or Shading touch-up appointment could result in your brows fading faster.

Existing Clients can only reschedule once, and must reschedule within 3 days prior to their appointment. Please note that we reserve hours of your appointment and we need time to fill in those gaps that other clients want to take.

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in an extra charge.

Due to our very busy schedule all we ask is to please respect our valuable time. Please remember we enforce this rules because permanent makeup services typically takes an average of 2 or 3 hours including touch-ups. We want to make sure we give our clients the best service that you deserve.

Thank you

We Reserve The Right To Refuse Services

Prices Are Subject to Change Anytime