Indira’s Brow Transformation Challenge

Tadddaaaa so this is my first blog post. All this 10-year challenge that I have seen lately all over Instagram made me dig up through my old photos and I realized wow! 10 years has gone by quick. And when I look back I am a totally different person than who I was 10 years ago.

The best part is I have better brows now! lol It is truly my favorite accessory on my face. I have seen a big transformation with my own brows, it was quite a lot of work to get them where they are today and on this first blog post I would like to share my tips on how to have gorgeous brows!Brow Transformation Challenge 1

History of My Brows:

My parents named me “Indira” inspired by the Prime Minister of India, (Indira Ghandi). What an honor! My father told me, he got the inspiration when I was born, with pale skin with my natural thick, bushy brows. Yes, I had a unibrows. lol

He said I looked like an Indian baby. Loved it! To those who don’t know me I’m 100 % FILIPINO Born and Raised in a beautiful Island and City, Cebu Philippines.

I remember vividly when I was a teenager when it was time for my brows to get shaped, my mom would watch the brow stylist like a hawk to make sure he or she wasn’t plucking too much of my own brows. Back then there was no such thing as a Brow Stylist.

Fast forward to adulthood, when I moved here in United Sates, behold I got the Magnifying Mirror. Yes the evil magnifying mirror. Ha! I started grooming my brows on my own, I was on a budget and being cheap! I loved my thick brows but I always knew something was missing a beautiful arch! I always wanted to have thick brows but with a nice arch! Sadly I started experimenting and plucking my own brows combined with magnifying mirror the perfect combo. Right? haha to make the long story short, from wanting an arch turned to losing all my brows and had only half left. With no tail. Ouch!

Back then; I did not realize the damage I have done. Until my own sister, told me the truth that my brows look like a devil’s brows. haha not to mention it made me looked 10 years older. So I started paying attention and I was panicking how to have my thick brows grow back.

Brow Transformation Challenge 2

Back then there was no MICROBLADING!

Even worse!

So, here’s my brow journey on what I did and hopefully this tip will help you too achieve your brow goals!

  • The first step I did was to go to a brow specialist and asked her what I can do. She advised me not to tweeze, touch or wax my brows for 6 months! Let them grow. I was going nuts. So I started doing my own research what I can use to grow them faster so I found.
  • Latisse, this is one of my biggest secrets! Yes they work on brows! Give it a try, coz it worked on me and some of my clients too over the years! Make sure to do your research first and patch test, if your allergic to it.
  • Some of my favorite brow serums that I have tried…. links: are castor oil (be careful this can break you out), rapid lash (drugstore), Grande Brows or Grande Lash
  • Get your brows tweeze and waxed by a professional. Yes it is time consuming and quite an investment but it’s better to get your brows groomed by a professional because they can give you the desired shape that’s appropriate for your face. Not to mention it also stops us from the temptation of over plucking our own brows. And don’t forget to throw away those magnifying mirrors they are horrible! They make us pick on ourselves! Not good for our self-esteem. lol Also, stay away from brow gels that hold too strong, see when you remove your makeup at night and remove your brow makeup, having a very strong hold brow gel can remove your natural brow hairs. Not good and not healthy for your brows. One particular product that I dislike is: Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel, I love their brow products but this one in particular holds too strong. I will be sharing my favorite brow products on my upcoming post!
  • Microblading or Microshading. For those women who can’t seem to grow there brows back no matter how much they try or like me who have a lot of bald spots, sparse this is for you.

See, when we tweeze our brow hairs, there are certain parts of our brows that there’s a huge chance they will no longer grow back. It’s more on the anatomy side. Scientifically speaking this is weird but true.

If you simply want to save time in the morning by applying brow products, drawing, filling, the whole nine yards and still don’t get the desired shape, this procedure is perfect for you.

To know the pros and cons, I will be writing about this on my next post. So you can see if this option is best for you. And don’t worry I will be brutally honest about this.

  • Brow Transplant – yes! You heard it right! There is one exist! Here is a True story, one of my classmates at beauty school envied my thick brows so much, that she had to go to L.A and got her “Brow Transplant.” $8,000 later she now has a full brows.

But wait, this procedure is not only expensive and painful, she mentioned that her brows are so high maintenance, she has to trim them every single day because they grow so long, so fast. And complained to me that brow gels no longer work for her, she has to use a hair spray to keep them in place. Wow! Truly amazing what we do to look good right? lol

Regardless, whoever says BROWS is just a trend and will go away. I am here to tell you it is here to stay forever.! All this tips can be used with or without brows. To have a healthy brows, it takes love, care and maintenance.

YES! Over the years, I have worked hard and build my own brows, the brows that I have dreamed and desired. I wish it was God given, I did have thick brows, but thick brows with no shape, well, oh no, w don’t want that either. Brows, frames and lifts your face, giving us that youthful look. We are lucky that these days getting your dream brows is easier than ever and you don’t have to go through what I went through to achieve them.

So I hope you enjoy this post and learned my tips. And to all the young girls out there, please never tweeze your brows! Go to a Brow expert and maintain them, also make sure to tell your Brow Stylist to not remove too much of your hairs either especially on the top of your brows!

And let them know exactly how you want them.

And please never go to a Nail Salon and get your $5 brow wax. No offense but this makes me cringe all the time when I hear this from women.

Take good care of your brows, they are very important they are the expressions of your soul and it is here to stay forever….

Thank you beauties for reading my blog. More to come soon.

God Bless and Talk to you soon!

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