Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel – $350

Procedure: 1 hour

This one of a kind peel is packed with plant stem cells, natural brighteners, minerals such as pure gold and colloidal silver. This treatment exfoliates, peels your dead skin cells while healing your skin revealing a brighter, even skin tone. We are the Chemical Peels experts.

We recommend this treatment for clients who are looking to remove dead skin layers of there skin. By applying acids into the skin it peels the dead skin layers of the skin removing age spots, sun spots, fine lines and uneven skin tone. As the acids reach the dermis, over time it help produce collagen and elastin by exfoliating the skin in a cellular level. What separates our peel with others is that our peel has skin loving ingredients like plant stem cells, pure gold, silver and green tea extract.

Important Reminder:

Avoid using Retinol, Retin-A, any at home peels, acids even scrubs 2 weeks prior to your facial appointment.

*Must be an existing client at Dana Point Aesthetics for a while before we allow advance treatment. Consultation is a must prior to treatment!

Chemical Peels Key Ingredients:

  • Lactic Acid- Lightener and Hydrator
  • Salicylic Acid-Anti Microbial, Antiseptic
  • Resorcinol- Keratolytic Agent
  • Eldweiss Plant Stem Cell- Cell Repair
  • Colloidal Silver- Wound Healer
  • Gold-Wound Healer, Anti-Inflammatory
  • Green Tea Extract- Antioxidant
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