A guide if you want to get your brows done!

Eyebrow Permanent Makeup What You Need to Know. These past few years have been all about eyebrows, brows, brows and more brows! The bigger the brows the better! Eyebrow products from pencil to pomades and even brow soaps? now exist. LOL Not to mention permanent makeup from Microblading, Microshading, Powder, Ombre etc.

Come 2022 now were talking about Brow Transplant? Wow! Sounds crazy right?

The brow obsession hit the streets by storm. No wonder why almost all women want to get their brows tattooed.

Where here to debunk the pros and cons and educate our future clients the cold heart truth about eyebrow permanent makeup specifically eyebrow Microblading, Shading, Ombre and Powder Brows.

If you’re seriously considering getting your brows done read this blog post carefully, this will help answer some of your questions and concerns about Eyebrow Permanent makeup.

Our goal is to educate our future clients, so they have the full knowledge into our services, the benefits, the pros, and the cons.

With Brow Phenomenon hitting the streets this made a pave way to permanent makeup. As a future client and consumer though this might sound more convenient it is also very challenging as a client to know which artist, technique and brow treatment is right for you.

The worst part is that as it gets more and more popular there are more and more permanent makeup artists popping up everywhere, which can be quite confusing for a client. You see what I noticed here in America, when there is money to be made there are also opportunists. It’s a big problem for future clients and consumers. So don’t worry were here to help you. Write down some notes because this is a very educational blog post. Let’s jump right into it.

What is eyebrow permanent makeup? Eyebrow permanent makeup is using a handheld tool or machine device inserting pigment to the skin to create brows or brow hairlike strokes. This is called permanent because this process involves opening of the skin where blood is involved and is a form of tattooing!

There are two types of Techniques in Eyebrow Permanent Makeup.

  • Older Technique
  • New & Modern Technique

So, what’s the difference? We will simplify it for you.

Older Technique is when an artist inserts the pigment too deep into the skin and mixes their own pigment.

Brows Old Technique

This is the kind of brows that you see on your aunts and grandmas that got their brows done in the 80’s and 90’s that turned Blue, Green, Orange or even Purple. In most cases these women have to live with their old brows for 20 years if not a lifetime.

Back then, permanent makeup was quite a taboo, and artist didn’t have the right resources and technology to know any better. PMU artist would mix their own color pigment for the client, cross their fingers, and hope the color will turn out the way they expect it to be. The problem with this; by not having the right amount of ratio of colors the colors fade into rainbow colors like blue, green, red, purple, and even orange. This leaves a client fully disappointed and devastated.

We like rainbows in the sky but not on our face, right? I mean who wants to wake up in the morning with blue eyebrows? No Thank you.

Older technique also involves inserting pigment on skin way too deep (dermis) that makes the color pigment / tattoo last too long and does not fade. Though brows that last forever sounds like a good idea, it isn’t, and we will explain to you why in a little bit.

Older Techniques PROS and CONS

Cheap in Pricing

Though this might sound tempting on most clients you gotta’ ask yourself why the price is so cheap? You know the old saying.

You get what you pay for?

The right artist licensed by the state, health department, uses the best products, sanitary (most important), properly trained, certified with years of experience will most likely not charge cheap!

A lot in the industry don’t want to talk about how important (Sanitization) “is, which to me as an artist, is the most important to be concern with.

Going to the wrong place that is not clean and sanitary, not licensed by the Health Department can lead to serious infections and diseases.

Brow tattooing involves opening of the skin (where blood is involved) therefore, un-sanitized areas, needles, and equipment bloodborne pathogens can easily enter the skin.

Some examples of bloodborne pathogen diseases that can enter the skin while getting a tattoo are:

  • Hepatitis
  • HIV
  • MRSA to name a few

You see how serious it is to get a tattoo, not to scare you but it’s like getting a surgery in your face. Going to the wrong place can has some serious consequences.

NOTE: Under the California Law, the artist and the facility need to be Licensed under the Health Department to perform Permanent Makeup.

Anyone who is not licensed by the California Health Department are working illegally.

Being licensed by the Health Department is to help future clients and consumers for their health and safety. They have serious protocols, proper sanitization and using the right hospital grade disinfectant to kill viruses and diseases.

For your health and safety please double check your artist and the business if they are licensed.

Old Technique is Long Lasting, and most clients will be tempted to hear this. The artist cuts too deep into the client’s skin that will last for 20 years and some even a lifetime.

The problem with long-lasting brows is that as we age, gravity keeps pulling our skin down so as our long-lasting eyebrows. In time, it will make your brows lower or can make you look sad, frowning or even angry.

Most women these days also get Botox / Xeomin which can alter the symmetry with your brows and having the brows that is there for a lifetime is not beneficial to the client in the long run.

Remember, that brow styles and our face change all the time.

You don’t want something too permanent in your face.

New Modern Technique PROS and CONS

Brows New Technique

  • Expensive/Pricey – when the price is a little high consider that the artist is licensed, trained with many years of experience, using the best products, accessible location, a proper website to educate their clients and sanitary to perform the treatment.
  • All the above mentioned cost the artist a lot of money, time, expertise, and hard work to be able to deliver this kind of service.
  • Also, be proud that you’re supporting a small business that is ethical. These days we need more of that. Over the years, I have encountered countless of clients with botched eyebrows and there desperate to get their brows done fixed.
  • Also, bear in mind that the most experienced artist won’t take or attempt to fix other artist work because it is more of a liability.
  • Keep in mind that permanent makeup or eyebrow permanent makeup is a tattoo, and it is in your face and that is a big decision, a life changing decision. It should not be taken lightly.
  • They won’t fade into random colors
  • New artist using the newest technique are smart enough to use premixed color pigments. These pigments are “stable” they won’t change into blue, green, orange, or purple. They are professionally mixed in the lab.
  • These pigments are high quality and expensive. Therefore, as the brows fades, the color just gets lighter overtime with no color changing effect in the long run.
  • Sadly, even the most popular artists in California are still using the old technique mixing pigments themselves. It is a bad habit in my honest opinion that is very hard to change.

We at D’ Modern Beauty only use premixed pigments.

  • They Fade Faster new techniques of PMU, fades faster because the artist deposits the pigment on top of the skin, (epidermis) meaning the artist doesn’t cut too deep into the skin.
  • New techniques of Microblading, Microshading, Powder Brows and Ombre Brows are called Semi-Permanent because they slowly fade after the second session. You can prevent fading by simply following aftercare and proper care with your new set of brows.
  • Maintenance, since new techniques tend to fade faster, maintenance is necessary. Therefore, a yearly touchup is recommended if you want to keep your brows looking fresh. In most cases, clients don’t have to get yearly touchups if their brows still look fresh after one year with proper care.

Yearly touchups and color boost have different pricing. Spas and studios have different rules and protocols. Please be aware that there is future maintenance with permanent makeup.

  • For clients with oily skin and larger pores Microblading is not recommended. Oilier skin tends to fade the pigment faster.
  • See contraindications if you’re the perfect candidate.

So then client’s ask why brows that fades faster is a blessing?

  • Because no one wants to have the same eyebrows forever.

Brow style changes and our face changes as we age, so having the same brows for decades won’t look good in the long run. Other issues occur like if the clients decide to get it and ended up not liking it, due to maintenance or for any reason clients can just let the brows fade naturally over time.

In our studio, clients love their brows so much and is a life changing transformation.

Another question you may have,

How do I know if the artist I like is using an old or new technique?

Here is some quick advice we can give you, Research, research, and research. Call the spa/studio of the artist you like if there using a premixed pigments or does the artist mix it themselves?

Are they license by the State or Health Department?

Look at the pictures of their closely, there is a big difference between old and new technique.

Eyebrow Permanent Makeup What You Need to Know

Older technique tends to look too dark, greyish undertone deep and quite ashy. While newer techniques look powdery, lighter, and brighter.

At the end of the day future clients need to understand that Eyebrow Permanent Makeup is an investment and going to the right artist is the key to seeing your best results.

Health and safety play the most important role as the artist might be the best at doing eyebrows if they are not (Sanitary) then it doesn’t mean anything. You are risking your health in the long run.

I have heard so many horror stories from my own clients over the years with their experience in permanent makeup, some are lucky, but some don’t and have to go trauma just for beauty.

As a client you want to have peace of mind when getting beauty treatments and services.

Your health and safety should be your number one priority.

You only have one face; you only have one body. Take Care,

Stay Tune for our next Blog Post How To Choose The Best Eyebrow Microblading Artist Near Me. Check out our Microblading, Microshading services. Thank you for reading our Eyebrow Permanent Makeup What You Need to Know page, looking forward to sharing more soon.

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