What you need to know when selecting a microblading and permanent makeup artist!

So, you have decided to finally get your eyebrows Microbladed. Yay! Great news for you. So now what?

With so many salons everywhere and artists in every corner offering microblading and permanent makeup services, it can be confusing which artist or studio to go to.  Although having too many places to choose from is convenient it can also be frustrating to find the right place to go to. After all, Microblading is a serious procedure on the face so going to right artist is the most important part of the decision making.

Here’s what you need to know before getting your brows done. Read it up as this will help guide you deciding to go to the right place for you.

Did you know Microblading, Powder and Ombre Brow certification is only a 2–3-day training on an average? So that means the person that could be doing your brows may not be experienced enough. The worst part? there is enough money to be made in this industry that people left, and right people are changing careers overnight to become a brow artist. In many cases this attracts them to take the 3-day training to get their certification and start doing permanent makeup service. It is so important to make sure your microblading artist is properly trained and certified and has years of experience in their expertise.

But you know what? being a brow artist or permanent makeup artist is not as easy as what people think. It is the hardest skill to learn that takes many, many years to perfect.

No wonder why there are so many botched brows out there.

Microblading, Powder / Ombre Brows is a serious treatment that involves opening and cutting of the skin where blood is involve. It’s kind of a mini surgery on your eyebrows, so please consider that your health is on the line here.

Going to the right place for you is the most important decision you have to make when getting your brows done.

Once you get your brows done somewhere and end up not liking it, a lot of good artist and other studios do not offer fixing or touch-ups done by another artist. This is because once you have pigment on your brows it is very hard to match their pigment. Also, there can be so much work that needs to be done to fix it and that’s the reason why most good artists don’t offer touch-ups.

This is a very important to know for clients because if they ended up not liking their brows, it is very hard to find an artist to fix their brows. Almost impossible!

Let’s talk budget. An average cost of Microblading brow treatment in the U.S is $500-$1,400 depending on the area you’re in. You can find these price articles all over internet and magazines.

Anything lower than $500 is questionable.

Here at D’Modern Beauty we start at $549 for clients who have fuller brows. The thinner the brows the more work and time it takes.

Some places offer a flat rate fee even for client who needs less work, and in my honest opinion that is unfair. That’s why we base our pricing on how much work it needs to be done.

Consider the salon / studio pricing is based on products they use, the better the products the pricier they will be. Location, taxes, insurances, health care agency, time, experience, and education are also considerations in the overall pricing.

A typical brow appointment takes 2-3 hours. Brow shaping takes most of the time which is 45 mins. and about 30 mins. on numbing the area.

Under the California Law the artist and the studio must be registered under the Health Department of their city or county, a permanent makeup artist must be registered under the Health Department to operate legally. Permanent Make-up services involves opening of the skin where blood is involved, and that the artist and the facility must be Health Department approved to operate such procedures.

The goal of the Health Department is to promote health and safety for both the artist and the clients / consumers. There is a sanitary standard and protocol procedures that the Health Department demands to the artist and facility such as using a hospital grade disinfectant, the type of products that is used during the procedure (everything must be disposable), no reusing of needles or microblading blades. The tools to use up to educating the artist the standards of health and safety protocol.

A facility and an artist that’s not sanitary can easily spread disease through blood contamination.

Unfortunately, more than 70% of permanent cosmetic artists in Orange County alone are not registered under the Health Department and are operating illegally.

All Microblading and Permanent Cosmetics Body Artists in California need to take yearly training for Bloodborne Pathogens by Orange County Health Care Agency approved vendors.  Upon completion all Microblading and Permanent Cosmetics Body Artists will receive a Certificate of Training for completing their yearly California Bloodborne Pathogens Training for Body Artists for Microblading and Permanent Cosmetics.

All businesses in California offering Microblading and Permanent Cosmetics services are required to be registered with the Orange County Health Care Agency.  Registering with the Orange County Health Care Agency confirms that the business is a Permeant Cosmetic Facility.

In addition to the facility being registered with the Orange County Health Care Agency, each artist that performs Permanent Cosmetics or Microblading services in the facility also must be registered with the Orange County Health Care Agency as a Microblading and Permanent Cosmetics body artist practitioner.

So future clients please keep that in mind. DMB is registered both the facility and the artist at the Health Department.

Orange County Health Care Agency Body Artist Practitioner

oc health care body artist certificate indira calkins 2023

Orange County Health Care Agency Permanent Cosmetic Facility

D Modern Beauty Orange County Health Department 2022

Location is another huge factor that clients don’t consider when finding the right artist. In my experience over the years, I noticed many clients look for artist across cities and towns to save a few dollars. The problem is with Microblading, Powder, and Ombre brows; these procedures have touchup maintenance and often when clients need their touchups appointments in the future, they get lazy and don’t want to drive far for their touch up appointments.

In many cases since the clients go to cheaper salons or artist the clients end up not liking their brows most of the time and is now looking for another artist to fix their botched brows which can cost them hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get fixed.

Most good artist won’t take client’s who’ve had permanent makeup done by other artist. So please keep that in mind as well.

A legitimate and professional Spa / Studio that offers permanent makeup services should have a professional website for clients full of details about the procedure. The website should contraindications, full information about the procedure, pricing, and pictures of their work. This way clients can feel at ease and relaxed knowing what to expect during the procedure.

There should be no surprises during a permanent makeup procedure.

Last but not the least Images and Reviews of the artist and salon are very important.

Pictures of the permanent cosmetics artist’s work should be something a client needs to look at when looking for an artist. Ask these questions, has the artist worked with skin like mine?  age group like me? etc. Their pictures of their work will tell you many things.  These are important questions because it reflects the kind of work that the artist does.

Looking at the artist’s work, it is also important to consider the styles, brow shape or brow patterns that they create and if its’s something to your liking? Also, if fits your face type, and your lifestyle. For example, many artists create dramatic, bold, and thick brows coz it looks good on the pictures for advertising. Well, not everyone will look good and wants thick dark brows.

Also don’t be afraid to ask questions about the salon, studio or about the artist, anything that concerns you. Ask if they offer consultations. Here at DMB we offer virtual consultations, and our assistant is properly trained to answer all your questions and concerns.

At the end of the day finding the right place to do your brows can be challenging but is crucial in obtaining the perfect brows for you.

We hope that this blog post helps you better understand on what to look for when finding the right place for you to get your microblading done.

Stay Tune for our next Blog Post coming soon, learn more about our Microblading, and Microshading services.  Thank you for reading our How To Choose The Best Eyebrow Microblading Artist Near Me page, looking forward to sharing more soon.

Thank you for reading our How To Choose The Best Eyebrow Microblading Artist Post.

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