Lash Extensions Aftercare

Please follow these Lash Extensions Aftercare instructions to make your new lashes last longer. The more you take good care of them the more they will last, to save you time and money on your investment.

The FIRST 24-48 hours

  • Do not get your lashes wet for the first 24 hours after your appointment.
  • No exercising and excessive sweating the first 24 hours of your appointment.
  • No Jacuzzi, sauna or steam.

AFTER 48 hours

  • Please use an oil-free makeup remover to remove make-up around the lashes. We advise to a q-tip and carefully remove them around the area.
  • Please wash your lashes with an oil free face wash or soap. A few times a week. Just like our face, our lashes harbor dirt, dust leftover makeup and bacteria. By gently washing them you are removing debris. Which keeps your natural lashes healthy.
  • Wash the lashes carefully especially around the lid area, pat them gently or air dry with a lint free towel or paper towel.

If you wear a lot of makeup around the eye area on a daily basis, we recommend washing your lashes at least 3 times a week.

If you don’t wear any makeup on a daily basis we recommend washing your lashes at least once a week. This is a good habit to practice to ensure the health of your real lashes and prevent them from infection.

  • If you want to swim please wear goggles to protect them.
  • Do not apply mascara, curl or tint extensions.
  • Do not pick or pull lashes.
  • Avoid rubbing eyes.
  • Try to sleep on your back.

If irritation occurs, please contact your Esthetician immediately.