Lash Extensions FAQs

I have allergies to latex?

  • If you have any allergies with latex, please let your Esthetician know. Our adhesive has latex as on of the ingredients.

Will lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

  • When done by a very experienced and professional artist it should not cause any damage to your real lashes.
  • However, to be honest for clients who have naturally thin lashes, this might cause some damage, we always advise our clients to use a lash serum to keep there lashes healthy. And proper care and not being rough on your extensions helps a lot too. If we notice your lashes needs a break, we will gladly ask our clients to take a break. Please note, that everything we do, there is a risk. Even wearing mascara daily and removing them at night or applying strip lashes, all this can cause unhealthy lashes.

For clients who are sensitive to we recommend

  • “Sensitive Adhesive” available per request.

How soon can I wash my face after the session?

  • You can wash your face after your lash appointment but do not get your lashes wet the first 24 hours after your lash appointment. Your Esthetician will go over with you, on how to wash your face, shower and wash your extensions as well.

How many times should I get a fill?

  • Here at D’Modern Beauty our goal is to keep your natural lashes healthy, most of our clients are all volume extensions so we advised our clients to get fills every 3 weeks or once a month.
  • With proper care your lashes should last that long.

Is the product FDA approved?

  • Currently the products are not FDA regulated.

Can I remove my lash extensions?

  • Yes. You can book an appointment and you can get it removed professionally it’s a 15 to 30 mins. appointment. We use  a lash extensions gel remover to remove the extensions.

Do you offer sensitive glue?

  • Yes, for clients who have allergies to latex we do have a “Sensitive Adhesive”. Please let us know right away, and it is available upon request.

What Lash Serum do you recommend?

Lash serums are great for keeping your real lashes healthy. We recommend lash serums with or without extensions! As we age, we lose our natural lashes by at least 50%, by the age of 30 that’s when we see a significant change in thickness of our own lashes. Our lashes is one of our best accessories in our face therefore we should not neglect them. Here are some of our favorite serums.

  • Latisse
  • Grande Lash
  • Rapid Lash

What do I need to do before my lash extensions service?

  • Please wash your lashes properly to ensure your lashes are clean ready for extensions. Wash them with hand soap and please do not wear any eye makeup on your appointment, including mascara, eyeliner etc.
  • Face makeup is fine just no eye makeup.