2018 The Year That Indira Gets My Skin Looking It’s Best!

My daughter and I are so lucky to have found Indira. She is very sweet and kind. We love the private space in the back of Planet Beauty. I much prefer this than traipsing through a huge salon! It’s easy in/out, and is more private. Her salon is neat as a pin, clean, uplifting, private and comfortable. She is a delight and I’m not an expert on facials by no means (she will be my guiding light on this one!), but I LOVE the facial that I had yesterday. The products she used were vegan and felt great on my skin. My daughter has gone to her for over one year and is very comfortable with Indira. I’m on a roll and will make 2018 the year that Indira gets my skin looking it’s best! Thank you Indira!