Everyday women spend a fortune on skincare and spend hours a week at a time with there skincare regimen only to find out that there $100 anti-aging cream doesn’t work. Women spend hundreds if not thousands of creams on an average not to mention most women are now resorting to “BOTOX” that’s not only very expensive, painful but most importantly unhealthy. Ouch, sorry ladies! There I said it, And yes a temporary fix to a real underlying problem.

D’Modern Beauty Facial Process includes

  • Steam – detoxify and release toxins from pores
  • Mechanical Exfoliation – removes dead skin layers on top of the skin
  • Enzyme Peel – process of digesting (eating out) the dead skin cells under the skin that helps release toxins, enzymes are commonly from pineapples, papaya and sugar etc.
  • Extractions – removes deep whiteheads, blackheads and comedones that often lead to acne and large pores.
  • Chemical Exfoliation – Using Acids, a stronger type of exfoliation to remove thick dead skin. That helps skin looking young, bright and vibrant. Acids can penetrate deep which helps with collagen production.
  • Active Serums and Ampules- this activator are highly concentrated, when applied during a facial where skin is deeply clean can penetrate deeper and can address multiple skin concerns.
  • Facial Massage – our face is mostly muscle, which holds a ton of tension from stress, facial massage not only provides facial relaxation but also promotes toning and releasing of tension. Just like our bodies, it needs exercise to detoxify and tone our muscles.
  • Masque – Professional version of mask are highly concentrated compared to over the counter. When applied during a facial when skin is deeply clean, the benefits are a lot more beneficial.

All products are customized and designed  to each specific client’s skin type and concerns.

All products we use are (Professional Spa Products) that only Licensed Estheticians and are is highly trained to use this active ingredients. Therefore, we do not use over the counter products ever on our facials.

Our Clients Say It Best